The METRO2C Alliance for Enterprises

How it Works

  • 1. Select locations on the METRO2C network map.
  • 2. Define preferred providers or specific network requirement(s) such as:
    • • Low Latency
    • • Capacity (1G- 100G)
    • • Diversity requirements
    • • Data Security
    • • Technology
  • 3. Pick a bespoke solution: The METRO2C Alliance generates the optimum solutions from best-in-class Alliance members.
  • 4. A single SLA is selected.
  • 5. Peering is facilitated with local Internet exchange partners though referral Generate a best in class solution today with the METRO2C’s Solution Generator.

Enterprise IT professionals consider multiple factors when choosing a service provider including SLA’s, speed of delivery, bandwidth requirements, price and service performance attributes such as latency and kit. The METRO2C Alliance collaborates with its members and translates these requirements into meaningful solutions ensuring the enterprise is at the core of the solution design.

The METRO2C Alliance, founded by Sea Fibre Networks, enables a best in class digital environment for the deployment of on-demand services including data-heavy application, cloud and content delivery, underpinned by a single service level agreement (SLA). The METRO2C Alliance brings together an original and innovative alliance of connectivity providers, datacentre operators and Internet exchanges, representing the key elements of a digital ecosystem for a Digital Age. Members of the alliance have been selected for their extended reach, quality of service and flexibility in delivering the end customer a tailored product, which can be replicated across multiple territories.

The goal is to expedite the design and delivery of customer-defined solutions for each unique network requirement in an ever-increasingly commoditised telecoms market. This carrier neutral alliance minimises the complexity and risk associated with using multiple partners by consolidating selected service providers that have a dense fibre footprint and wide product choice under one, industry leading SLA and commercial contract.